5 Classic Types of Wooden Watches for Men Ideal for Any Occasion

5 Classic Types of Wooden Watches for Men Ideal for Any Occasion

No matter what your personal style is, these wooden watches for men vary in aesthetic but are all classic timepieces fit for any casual or formal occasion.

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In the age of smartphones, telling the time is no trouble at all. That becomes more true each year, as it gets harder and harder to put the phone down for much time at all. You can always look at the clock, so why wear a watch?

Apart from the fact that we could all stand to put our phones down for a while, and that breaking your phone out is difficult or rude in some situations, watches are so much more than single-purpose timepieces.

Take wooden watches for men, for example. They’re fashion pieces subtle enough to not be showy, but striking enough to make an impression. They go well with everything from casual, beachy outfits to sleek suits and beyond.

Wooden watches also bring a unique, natural touch to the digital age. Take a look at five of the best wooden watches.

1. Spice up Your Outfit With a Pop of Red

Working red into your outfit creates visual interest and can enhance a bold, masculine aesthetic. A subtle way to add a pop is with a red wooden watch. 

This Dodo Deer wooden watch has a black steel band with red sandalwood inserts. For men used to wearing metal watches, the black steel band makes it a good transition to wood. The weight of the watch and its feel on your wrist won’t be out of place.

The watch is functional too, with a top-notch MIYOTA mechanical movement. It’s also a water-resistant timepiece with a stopwatch and a convenient butterfly clasp.

Anyone looking to give this watch as a present is in luck: It comes in a quaint wooden box.

2. A Bold Square, Blackwood Watch

Another handsome watch with a black band is this Burnham Square Classimo watch. The first-glance impression this model makes is due to its bold shape. Once you take more time to look it over, the strap itself is every bit as striking.

Unlike the black steel strap on the Dodo Deer watch above, this strap is made of wood. Even though you can’t tell it’s wood from a far distance, this blackwood strap makes a serious impression on anyone who sees the watch up close. The subtleness of the wood grain on the black band reflects a meticulous sense of style.

This watch makes a statement, but it’s not ultra-modern. The dark wood brings a sense of warmth and charm that evokes the good old days.

3. Mix in Some Stainless Steel

Watch collectors and fashion aficionados love wooden watches, but those newer to the watch world are often more familiar with stainless steel. There’s no reason not to combine these classic watch materials. This red sandalwood timepiece has a no-nonsense stainless steel face and matching case.

Stainless steel isn’t an uncommon metal, nor one often associated with luxury. This watch challenges that perception, as the wood band makes the shiny face look outstanding. It’s not always easy to bring wood and metal together in a stylish way, but this watch makes it look easy.

If you don’t want a red watch or prefer other colors in combination with steel, take a look at the blackwood option. The dark color is a more typical pairing with the gleaming silver-toned metal.

4. Gift a Classic Zebra Wood Watch

If you can’t decide whether light or dark wood is best for you, why not enjoy a zebra wood watch that highlights many shades of the wooden rainbow. This Bobo Bird watch matches an endless variety of outfits with its blend of wood tones. 

The black watch face and the Roman numerals on it give this watch an air of sophistication. Without these features, the accessory would look great with any fashionable casual or business-casual look. With them, a fabulous casual watch transforms into a timepiece ideal for any occasion.

Gift-givers searching for a watch can’t go wrong here. There’s no worrying about what wood tones the recipient prefers, and it comes with a gift box.

5. Try a Splash of Blue

Pastel outfits for men are a bold yet classic look, having been a popular choice among the style-conscious for ages. They’re also one of the biggest fashion trends in recent years. Yet, men less secure about their fashion sense are often afraid to make the leap. 

If you feel wearing pastels is a “girly” look that challenges your masculinity, you should reconsider. Doing so will boost your self-confidence and help you be a nicer, more respectful guy. No style tips can help with those things, but a legitimate fashion concern is how easy it is to mismatch pastels and end up looking like an Easter egg.

There’s no denying it: Donning these colors can be scary! Rather than jumping in the deep end with a full pastel outfit or even a pastel shirt, ease into the look with this blue wooden watch.

The watch face is a true pastel, while the strap is a near-pastel, more vivid robin egg blue. How well these colors match with the tan wood case show how easy it is to work pastels and similar shades into an overall tame or neutral personal aesthetic. You don’t have to have a shirt in every color of the rainbow for this timepiece to elevate your look.

Whether you introduce this watch to spice up your wardrobe or pick it up as an on-brand accessory, you’re sure to cherish it for many years to come. 

Wooden Watches for Men and Women Alike

These beautiful wooden watches for men are a great gift for yourself, a friend, or male significant other. Our selection of wooden watches includes these and many other great options.

We have other wooden watches for men and a selection of women’s wooden watches, too. Take a look at our inventory and see this page if you have any questions about shopping with Burnham Watches.

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