Accidental CEO: How I Stumbled Into A Business

ToolsSay No To Cheap Products From China

The first step to becoming the accidental CEO was when I had my third wooden watch break and stop working after only owning it a few months. It was a Red Sandalwood BeWell and it survived about 35 days.

Today a lot of companies just buy any product they can find manufactured for cheap in China, negotiate a price and start selling it to customers in the United States.

I know, because I fell into the trap of buying a few of these products. In particular, I bought a few wooden watches because I liked their style. In the end, they all broke quickly or stopped working.

Form AND Function: I Wanted To Do It Right

I was frustrated because I loved the style of these wooden watches. It combined eco-friendly natural materials with modern design. But they lacked quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. I wanted something different – I wanted form and function. Since no one else was doing it, I decided to design my own dream watch and get a few custom made. Sure it was going to be pricey, but I had already wasted hundred of dollars on watches that broke. I might as well spend the money to get one I loved.

The Accidental Brilliant Idea?

As I told friends and family about my plan and shared my designs, more and more people asked if they could get one too. Suddenly I needed to get 5 made. Then 10 watches. Then 30. And it was no longer just immediate family and friends. Now it was friends of friend or friends of family. The word was spreading.

Accidental CEO: Burnham Watches Was Born To Meld Craftsmanship & Style

I’d never dreamed of running a company, but as demand grew so did logistics. I started to ask for help and before I knew it, Burnham Watches was born and I was suddenly the accidental CEO.

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