Best Wooden Watch

Wooden timepieces make a great purchase; they are stylish, unique, functional, and tend to be more affordable. Most of them are casual; they will pair well with your weekend looks. Whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift, you should be aware of the brands out there. Understanding the brand and what they offer makes shopping very easy. Here are some of the brands that should be on your radar.

Tree Hut

treehut wooden watch best brand

Tree Hut is a family-owned business that operates in San Francisco. The founders wanted to create better watches with earth-friendly materials without compromising comfort and style. They use stone, wood, and bamboo to make their products. They have a men’s and women’s collection of watches, and they all have different designs.

They let the wood speak for itself in every piece. They don’t overdo when it comes to design, so you will feel comfortable wearing the watch throughout the day. Sustainability is at the core of the company. They only use planet-friendly and sustainable materials.

Tree Hut goes all out when it comes to gifts. They will customize the watches for you or help you pick the right one from the existing collection. They have categorized the watches into everyday wear, office casual, and special occasion to help you choose.

The best wooden watch in their collection for men is the North Ebony Zebrawood watch. It has an ebony wood case, zebrawood dial and is reinforced with gun mental stainless steel. It’s a minimalist design but very durable.

The company has received over 20,000 five-star reviews from its customers. They offer free worldwide shipping for goods over $ 100. You will never settle for the ordinary because all their pieces are pretty exceptional.

Original Grain

original grain wooden watch

The Original Grain brand was started by two brothers committed to sustainability. They wanted to create a unique timepiece out of steel and wood. No two watches are the same in their collection; every piece has a unique style. They have been featured in highly recognized magazines, including Forbes, Los Angeles Times, GQ, Sports Illustrated, and so many others.

They only use sustainably sourced materials, and they plant one tree for every watch they sell. They have currently planted over half a million trees. The watches are a bit pricey, but they have proven to be durable time and time again.

The US-based brand offers free shipping, exchanges, and returns. You will enjoy a one-year warranty on their products. Original Grain has a gift quiz section for when you are stuck. There is a men and women section, but you can also shop by style.

There are other accessories from the brand you can pair with the wooden timepiece, including rings. They have over 300,000 reviews, and more than 20,000 are five stars. Wine Stained Oak watch is one of the options for women. It’s made with wine-stained oak, stainless steel, and a leather strap.

Bobo Bird

bobo bird wooden watch brand

Bobo Bird is also a sustainable brand; it’s still young since it was founded a few years ago. They are based in China, but they sell big numbers in the West. They have some unusual designs in their collection, which is part of the reason why their debut watches were a hit.

The handcrafted quality is what most people gravitate towards. They also focus on ethical manufacturing by providing safe working conditions for the workers. For each item you buy, they plant a tree. They make watches for everyday living with minimalist designs and different types of wood.

They ensure there is something for all their customers in their collection. The accessories section has many wooden items, including sunglasses, rings, and bracelets. But if you are looking for a gift, the Natural Rock Ebony Wooden Watch – Saturn is a great option. It’s unisex and made from all-natural ebony wood.

There is free shipping and returns in the US and a 12-month standard warranty. Bobo Bird products are very affordable; they are arguably one of the cheapest wood watch brands out there. Based on the reviews, their customers are satisfied with the quality of the watches.


bewell wooden watch brand

This wood watch and other accessories brand has been putting out products since 2004. They are one of the pioneers in the wood watches sector. Bamboo, maple, walnut, zebrawood, sandalwood, and ebony are the most common woods in their watch collection.

You can engrave your watch or sunglasses and make them more personal. The timepieces from Bewell are very smooth, which makes them comfortable on the wrist. They offer a wide range of prices to fit every budget. There are also many choices and a great selection of watches; you won’t lack something to fit your style.

About 60% of their timepieces are designed for men. There are more masculine colors with larger size watches that have wider bands. But there are multiple designs for women that are becoming very popular.

They provide free shipping for all products above $ 50 and a one-year money-back guarantee on all products. If you are not satisfied with the quality, you can give the watch back and get your money. If you want the best wood watch from them, consider the Mars Zebra Wood watch and the Pluto Red Sandalwood watch.

Wilds Wood

wilds wood watch brand

Wilds Wood has some of the most luxurious, stylish products. It’s a men’s wood watch company that sells exclusively eco-friendly products. They only have an online store where you can purchase any of their handcrafted timepieces. They want every piece to offer something different from the traditional steel watches.

It’s an Australian-based brand, but they ship to the US and Europe. They have bright shiny colors that can attract attention to your wrist and are incredible statement pieces. The brand has gone all out trying to be different from other watch-making companies.

The customer support is fantastic; you can quickly get hold of them via email or phone. Engraving is available if you want a personal message on the timepiece. They started making watches for ladies too, and their collection is ultra-lightweight and elegant. However, there aren’t a lot of women’s products available like the men’s section.

Men’s Handmade Engraved Ambila Wooden Timepiece is one of their best sellers. It uses Japanese quartz movements, and it’s made using ambila wood. The brand says the piece is suitable for both men and women. There are about six reviews published on the website, and they are all positive.


If you want a fresh approach to wood watches, consider products from the TJW brand. They mainly use ebony, zebra, and walnut wood, and every piece is a different style. Their products are favorable for hypoallergenic individuals. Wood timepieces tend to be heavy, especially if they are large. But TJW has made most of its products super comfortable by making them lightweight.

The brand provides unique gift ideas to make the recipient appreciate your effort. Customizing a watch or any other accessory is the best way to make it feel personal. The adjustable bands allow you to adjust the watch’s size and make it more comfortable.

You can tell they focus on the workmanship because their premium timepieces are durable. The Analog Quartz Handmade Casual Wood Wrist Watch for men has impressive features. The battery lasts up to 24 months; it’s lightweight and long-lasting. They inspect all the products before shipping to ensure there are no setbacks. There are a few complaints about engraving, but other than that, they have positive reviews.


shifenmei wood watch brand

Shifenmei makes watches for both men and women. The products are competitively priced, and they have handcrafted quality. The main advantage of watches from the brand is the multiple designs. There is always something different with every piece. However, compared to other brands, their selection is very limited.

You will find timepieces with dual time displays, and the high-quality material adds an edge to their wooden styles. There is a whole section for customized watches. Most of the watches have a traditional look but with a stylish twist.

Shopping on the website is easy since the watches are categorized. Shifenmei also makes digital and metal watches. You can find already engraved watches or come up with your own words. The watches are cheap; you can find products for as little as $ 19. But be careful when selecting so that you don’t end up with the wrong size.

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you must return the watch in the same condition you received it. There is very limited information on the website and no customer reviews.


zeitholz wooden watch

Zeitholz’s focus is to produce environmentally-responsible products at a fair price. They also wish to maintain the rustic design of natural wood in their timepieces. It’s a young company in Germany that is more than dedicated to impacting the environment while making stylish watches.

They handcraft the timepieces using recycled material, but they still maintain quality. They have wood belts to pair with sophisticated watches. Regardless of what you purchase, all shipping within the US is free. The delivery will take anything from 2 to 6 business days.

You can try the products risk-free for thirty days; if you don’t like them, you can return them and get a refund. Zeitholz offers a two-year warranty if you need repairs or replacements. They are very established, you can tell from the dozens of watches on sale.

Some of Zeitholz’s must-haves include the Schmiedeberg Walnut Wood watch. It’s a fashion statement piece with a robust appearance, but it’s still lightweight. It’s made from walnut wood, stainless steel, and mineral glass. The Stolpen Sandalwood watch is also a great option. The color ranges from dark orange to a deeper reddish-purple.

The brand boasts of having over 35,000 satisfied customers. For every watch they sale they plant a tree to sustain the environment.

Maui Kool

maui kool wood watches

Every wooden piece from Maui Kool is elegantly presented in a beautiful bamboo box. That is why they make the best gifts. It’s a mid-range watch brand that incorporates fun vibes of Hawaii in its collection. Their designs are modern, which is not common with such watches. Most companies go with the classic route.

Their collection has unique leather, steel, and wood watches for every personality and style. The natural wood grains in all their pieces are fantastic. They say every watch is unique since every piece of wood is different. That’s why they have a range of colors in their selection.

They have unisex designs and men and women exclusive designs. The newer Maui Kool line is very durable, and the inner workings will maintain perfect time for years. The brand is more playful with its designs, which is excellent if you have an adventurous sense of style.

The only downside is the customer service. There isn’t a lot of contact information on the website. You have to fill a form to connect with their customer support.


BYMAX wood watches are well known in the market. The brand sticks to the traditional classic look while making its timepieces. They use zebra wood, ebony, and red sandalwood for the watches. They also combine other materials like glass. They have mostly embraced minimalist designs by incorporating only the essentials.

The main challenge would be funding substantial reviews about their products. There are very limited customer reviews online. But based on the few available, their products are worth purchasing.

They mostly have men’s products, and they can be customized according to your wishes. They have managed to make smooth watches that won’t nick any hair on your wrist. The timepieces are lightweight, and the movements are silent. The band is easy to adjust if you want a perfect fit.

Since the brand is known, their watches are everywhere. You can easily buy them online but ensure they are authentic products. BYMAX hand makes durable pieces that can withstand everyday wear and tear.


czoka wooden watch brand

CZOKA makes all types of wood watches from sustainable natural wood. They have men’s and women’s watches and sunglasses. There is no information on their website detailing their story, so it’s hard to tell what the brand is all about. However, their collection of watches speaks for itself.

Everything above $ 50 will be shipped for free. The brans sell watch spare parts like wooden straps if yours gets damaged. The thirteen reviews on their website are mostly five starts. Most people appreciate the details of the beautifully crafted watches.

The Mars Walnut Watch features natural walnut wood, backlight, adjustable band, lightweight design, and Japanese quartz movement. The wristwatch is very durable, but you should avoid getting it wet all the time. For an everyday watch, try looking for a minimalist design. It’s easy to pair and won’t get in the way of other activities.


cucol wood watch

Cucol timepieces last up to 24 months on a single battery (which can be replaced). They use authentic natural wood and sometimes add a strong leather strap. They use different types of wood like redwood oak, sandalwood, and bamboo to make their statement pieces. The brand has been around for years now, and they have managed to make a name for themselves.

There are plenty of reviews, and they all seem to agree that Cucol makes incredible statement pieces and everyday wear. One style is never enough; you need multiple timepieces to pair with different outfits. Cucol designer watches are all unique. They make products for everyone, and they are all reasonably priced.

They go all out with the packaging. You can present their watches as gifts without adding anything to the package box. Ensure you check their best sellers first before you consider other options. The brand has fused functionality, style, comfort, and affordability together.


best uwood watches

UWood is a watch brand that any watch enthusiast should know. They try to come up with exceptional designs all the time. Their timepieces have the natural rustic look of wood. The brand has some bold colors that can be conversation pieces. They pay attention to allergy sufferers; that’s why they have hypoallergenic products.

You have to be cautious when removing links from the watch. Ensure you don’t tamper with any vital parts. Having a watch brand that has been producing quality pieces for years gives you peace of mind. You know every purchase is worth it. Sentai watches are handmade with natural resources.

You can read the time even in the dark because of the luminous pointer. Contacting the brand is what gives most people a hard time. But when it comes to delivering great wood watches, there is no question about it. You should mostly expect acacia and olive wood.


VOCVS wooden watch brands

The final wood watch brand you must know is the VICVS. They don’t use any paint; the colors are from natural wood, and the watches stand out because of the amazing finish. They use bamboo, rosewood, acacia, walnut, and many other types of wood. They also have stainless steel watches in their collection.

Both the men’s and women’s selection is packed with casual unique, and stylish watches. They beautifully combine art and nature to bring you some of the best wood products. Rosewood Multifunctional Men’s Watch is a statement piece. It uses real authentic rosewood with non-toxic material, and it’s lightweight. It has a beautiful reddish color of wood.

This brand is not based in the US, but they can ship your watches for you. They offer free shipping for watches over $ 30. Anyone big on sustainability and eco-friendly products will appreciate the efforts from VICVS. They provide an email address for customers who want to reach out.