How Wooden Watches Are Made

Ever Wonder How Wooden Watches Are Crafted & Put Together?

Are you a Fashionista? Well, if yes then you probably recognize the fact that watches made from wood have a big role to play in the fashion industry. The competitive watch market has led to a bunch of watch brands focusing on the production of wooden watches alone. If you ever wondered how wooden watches are made then you have come to the right place as below is a complete guide on how to make a wooden watch.

Choosing A Wood Texture For The Watch

The first step to making wooden watches is choosing a wood texture or grain to be used. There are is a variety of wood types available to use in making watches. Customers have different tastes when it comes to texture. The various wood textures that are used to make watches include the zebra wood,  ash wood, teak wood, maple wood, bamboo wood, walnut wood and sandalwood. It all depends with the style of the watch. You can see some examples of our Zebra wooden watch, Red Sandalwood watch.

Gathering Watch parts

After choosing the kind of wood to be used, different parts are required so as to make a watch are also gathered. Here are the different parts needed to make a watch from wood.

  • Quartz movement: This is the whole interior machinery of the watch. Nevertheless, there are various types of internal machinery in the market used by different brands.
  • Crown: This is the watch part that aids you adjust the time on your gadget.
  • Watch Band Pins: Connects the face dial to the watch strap
  • Watch Gasket: prevents the watch from getting water, dust as well as other residues
  • Watch Batteries
  • Watch crystal
  • Watch hands
  • Watch Band Clasps
  • Watch bands

Wooden Watch Planning and Preparation

This is a crucial stage where the different sizes of watches are decided. This is because the sizes of customer wrists vary. The watch crystal diameter ought to be equal to the inner diameter of the watch. The bottom line is that the watch crystal should sit fully in the inner circle of the watch. This is achieved by accurately cutting out the wood to create a wood boundary of the watch face.

Final Watch Preparation

Quartz movement thickness is always estimated to be between 0.70mm to 2.35mm. Nevertheless, depending on the brand the thickness of the crystal is equal to that of quartz movement. The first wooden circle that has been cut is to be put at the bottom followed by the circular ring. Thereafter, the second wooden circle and then the circular ring is placed at the top.

Joining of the Watch Parts

A small hole is made in one of the two circular wood cut-out to allow the quartz movement rest easily on it. The watch hands are placed on the remaining side of the circular wood cut out. The two circular wooden rings are glued on every side of the circular wood cut-out. Using a watch gasket and glue, the side opposite the watch hands is covered by a watch crystal. The back of the watch will also be covered through the use of the remaining wood cut-out. The watch backside has super tiny holes drilled in order to utilize screws to have the back side covered. A watch gasket is also used at the back of your watch to shield the watch from oil, water and other residues from penetrating the inside of the gadget where they can cause damage.

Finalizing The Wooden Watch

A wooden watch has a watch crystal placed on top just like all other watches. Watch straps are also attached to make it a complete watch to be worn with various outfits. Nevertheless, as the gadget is assembled, caution is exercised as not every wood is durable. The final step of making a watch is to paint it in various different colors and there, you good to go.

Wood watches for men can also be handcrafted to genuine gadgets that tell a story. Wooden watches are taking the fashion industry by storm as many people who are fashion sensitive prefer to match their outfits with watches of the same color. Watches curved from different kinds of wood can also be made at home by following the above step on how wooden watched are made. Watches with an excellent craftsmanship are gorgeous and have an original design that makes it a tremendous and flexible choice for both women and men.

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