Launching Dodo Deer Watches

Here at Burnham Watches we are excited to be launching a whole new line of wooden watches by Dodo Deer! You can shop the entire Dodo Deer Watch Collection here.

Great Wooden Watch For Under $100

After searching for new styles of wooden watches that we thought our customers would love, we choose to partner with Dodo Deer because they offer fantastic wood watches for under $100.

Shop All Our Wooden Watches For Under $100

They tend to feature watches main of a few very popular natural woods like red wood (sandalwood), ebony (black) wood, maple, zebrawood. They frequently pair these original grain woods with stainless steel for 2 reasons.

Dodo Deer combines their natural wood timepieces with steel to increase the durability. You will notice they often make a steel case with wood accents inside it and steel bands. This helps protect the watch form the occasional bump or ding.

Additionally, they tend to feature steel to make the watches look unique and masculine while paired with the natural aspect of the week.

Top Wooden Watches From Dodo Deer

Why We Think Dodo Wood Watches Are A Great Deal

Even if you only have $100 to spend on your unique men’s watch, don’t worry – these watches almost all fall between $50-$100 dollars and offer great value for your money.

This company tends to focus on 2 materials for most of their watches. The use of steel occurs in both their cases and often the watch bands or band links.

Obviously the other primary material is solid, natural woods that come in beautiful colors like red, ebony, zebrawood, maple or green colors.

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