Unique Watches For Men

Unique Wood Watches for Men

Suppose you like being fashionable when outdoors, or like the modern, natural style – you probably need a wood watch. The watch adds some nature into your life since it is unique and stylish. While on first thought, wooden watches seem to be made from an unusual material for a watch, but it adds an edge to your fashion. The watch is unique, given that it is affordable, eco-friendly, and lightweight.

Tips for Choosing the Best Wood Watch for Men

Choosing unique watches for men can be challenging, especially when you want to please yourself. However, the following are three essential tips for selecting a unique wood watch.

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Type of Movement

There are two main categories of watch movement, including the quartz movement and mechanical or automatic movement wooden watches. This is vital factor to consider while purchasing a wood watch. For instance, the quartz movement is regarded as using the least restrictive technology; it provides excellent precision and does not require any manual winding because it’s battery powered. Simply put, a quartz, battery powered wooden watch is the most reliable and simple.

However, some people are in love with old school wood watches implying they love mechanical movement watches. The automatic movement watch has no need for a battery because the watch is powered by the movement of your wrist. While automatic watches require more careful use and care, they offer the benefit of usually have beautifully intricate faces that show the internal gears inside the watch.

Depending on your style and choice of movement, you can get your most preferred wood watch that meets your needs and expectations.

Type of Watch

You can choose between a sports watch and a more classic dress style watch. You have to note that most mechanical watches have more complicated movements that should be protected a bit more and require regular charging.

In case you need a dress watch for monitoring your daily life or a sports watch for sports activities, consider purchasing a chronograph wooden watch. Additionally, you should consider the type of bracelet the watch has. Your watch must offer you the maximum comfort you need during your activities. Nato leather bracelet would be the best in this case since it is ultra-trendy.

Design of the Watch

Mens unique watches have varying designs; hence you have to choose a watch with your favorite design. However, this is the critical moment in the purchase of a wooden watch. You have to consider the visual aspect of the watch, including the bracelet and the dial.

Some unique wooden watches have a completely solid, natural wood band and case – while others may feature a metal case or band with wooden accents. The wooden watches will often make more of a statement and be lighter to wear on your wrist, but they will need more care over their lifetime.

What is a Reasonable Price?

Prices of unique watches for men vary depending on the style, materials and movement of the watch. However, most wooden watches for men retail between $40 – $150.

Unique watches in the $40-$75 price range are likely to be a more classic design and feature a quartz battery movement or general automatic movement.

A watch in the $75 – $150 price range are likely to feature a more unique style or a chronograph movement. If it’s an automatic movement it will likely be a more upgraded version.

What Makes Wooden Watches a Great Unique Watch Idea?

Wooden watches are insensitive to heat.

Wooden watches are ideal for various temperature changes since they do not heat up like a metal watch or get as sweaty as a leather band watch. Notably, metal watches are sensitive to heat, implying that they quickly become hot when temperatures are high.

You’ll also be surprised at how light weight a wooden watch is. You’ll be surprised the next time you put on a metal watch.

Amazing and Timeless Accessory

In the contemporary world, people will always put on watches, unique wooden watches for men have a simplistic look, and are excellent for fashion. Wooden watches are ideal for every personality since they are adorable, relaxed, and affordable. Ideally, the watches are inspired by nature; their style and color keep evolving and adheres to trend personalities. Mens unique watches

Men’s Swiss Movement Zebra Argonaut Wooden Watch

mens zebrawood unique wooden watch

This wooden watch was actually the first in the Burnham watch collection many years ago. It features a solid wooden case and watch crown paired with a matching zebrawood band.

What sets this wood watch apart from others is that we use an upgraded Ronda Swiss movement to ensure precision time keeping.

It’s also a slim and extremely lightweight watch to fit any wrist comfortably.

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Unique Automatic Wooden Watch With Visible Gears

2 color options for men's automatic movement wood watch

This watch is one of our most popular choices during the past 2 years. It features a slightly larger wooden face that gives the automatic, self winding movement space to shine.

It features a skeleton face so you can see the gears inside the watch while it works and keeps time, making this one of the more unique watch choices for a man.

It comes in 2 color options: either a classic red sandalwood paired with ebony wood or zebrawood accents with ebony wood.

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Men’s Unique Luxury All Wooden Watch

dodo deer wooden band watch

This collection of sport, luxury wooden watches is new to our collection of unique watches, but it quickly becoming a customer favorite.

It gets it’s sporty look from the chronograph face. It’s then paired with a solid wood case and solid wood band. For added strength, the wooden band features steel links.

This watch comes in 4 color styles ranging from zebrawood and ebony wood to red sandalwood or solid black wood.

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