What Wooden Watch Makes the Best Gift for Men

With Father’s Day looming, anyone trying to figure out a gift for men is circling back to grilling tools, funny t-shirts, and another tie or pair of socks: all things your guy probably already has enough of.

Why not get him something unique this year? Celebrate the people you love with an elegant yet practical gift that shows how well you know him, as well as careful thought on your part. Give him a wooden watch, one that’s handcrafted with precision and talent. 

There are so many styles to choose from, so if you’re still wondering what wooden watch makes the best gift for the man in your life, take a look below. From watches you can dress up or down to self-winding watches, you can’t go wrong with a Burnham Watch for your next gift.

Socially-Conscious Gifts

One of the best wooden watches for men is one that appeals to his socially-conscious self. Caring for the environment shows you that he’s using his brain and his heart to understand the predicament our world is in. You can show him you understand and you care, too, by getting him an eco-friendly option.

Wood is a naturally renewable resource, so it’s one of the most eco-friendly products available. In many countries, there is more wood grown than harvested per annum. It’s also able to be adapted into a biofuel, even the leftover byproducts after the main material is used to craft products like watches.

There’s nothing better for men who care about the environment than a wooden, eco-friendly watch. At Burnham Watches, we desire to live more sustainably, and it’s at the heart of what we do and the products we make.

A Wooden Watch You Can Dress Up—Or Down

One of the best gifts for the men in your life is an accessory they can dress up or down, depending on the occasion. A watch they can wear to a fancy dinner date or a backyard barbecue is the perfect gift to help him be stylish and adaptable.

A darker wood is easier to dress up. The artisanal carpentry that goes into a hand-crafted watch automatically makes it a little dressier. As long as you incorporate elements of a similar hue as your watch, it will match his elegant outfit and his impeccable manners.

At the same time, casual outdoor events work well with a wooden watch, too. Some of the best wooden watches go with either style. Help him pair the watch with sandals and shorts to dress it down.

The natural material reminds people of a simpler lifestyle, one that hearkens back to days when settlers lived off the land. There’s nothing more casual than the open countryside.

The Right Color

Wooden watches come in many color preferences. Choose one for him that’s made of ebony wood if you like black or other dark colors. For lighter colors, get him one made of sandalwood.

You can also choose a striped watch made from zebra wood or a red one with red sandalwood. Here are some other unique types of wood you can find in our watches:

  • Blackwood
  • Rosewood
  • Tiger Wood
  • Red Wood
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Bamboo

We even have some watches with leather straps and metal materials like steel or copper. Some watches incorporate stone materials like quartz, blue marble, or pearl. Using wood products makes watches stand out with a personality of their own, and each one is unique based on the exact tree it came from.

Some men have distinct ideas about what looks good with their body type or coloring, and some don’t care. Yet you know best what his existing wardrobe is like. Shop for watches that look best with his favorite clothing or typical style.

You can also help select one that matches his skin tone. Does he prefer brown tones or black tones? It’s easy to find either one in our online store.

Quality Materials

Our wooden watches for men are made with the finest natural materials, whether that’s African Zebrawood or another elegant wood. Afterward we craft them into an elegant product that he’ll be proud to show off. These watches make incredible gifts.

If he has a respect for fine craftsmanship, then a wooden watch will make him proud to wear it. Many wood grain watches are hand carved. They’re made to last with hardened mineral glass on the faces and polished sapphire crystal encasing them.

Ronda, the Swiss-based company from the Waldenburg Valley, makes fine parts for timepieces. Since their founding in 1946, they’ve moved to Lausen in Basel Country. The company also has holdings in Thailand and Hong Kong, and we use only Ronda calipers in our watches.

We’re proud to use only the finest materials for Burnham Watches, making them perfect for men who appreciate the finer things in life.


Do you know a man who is pretty low maintenance? Any kind of fine watch often has to be wound, like a grandfather clock. That makes it less than ideal for someone who already has a lot of things to take care of.

We make real wooden watches that don’t need to be wound. They’re self-winding, or automatic movement watches, that also don’t require charging. The watch mechanics inside each piece mean they don’t need batteries and he won’t have to remember to wind it, either.

Ideal Gifts for Men

Shopping for the men in your life can be a real challenge. Often they already have all the tools and toys they want, and anything else is too pricey to be practical.

With a wooden watch, you can rest assured you’re getting him something he’ll appreciate for its sustainability and fine craftsmanship. It’s also a gift he can wear with any color or type of event.

Find a great wooden watch gift when you shop our Father’s Day sale today!

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